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On April 2, the Ukrainian band TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will celebrate their 6th year since they started. To commemorate the holiday, the band will play on April 3 in the Vitamin concert hall in Simferopol. The set includes songs from the previous two albums. A new 10-minute piece, which has never been done on stage and is going to make it into the new TERRA IMPRESSIONUM album, will be a special surprise treat for the audience. Simferopol doomsters Landscape Of Sadness and Torrens Conscientium will also take part in the concert. Mortalium from Kharkov and Letargiya from Zaporozhye will become special guests.
The concert will have the status of the 3rd act of the regular CRIMEAN METAL UNION FEST.


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Terra Impressionum have officially released their second album titled "Transmitting Device". This CD release by the Crimean label West numbers 500 copies.
We remind you that work on the album had been completed in March 2010, and the band supported it in 11 concerts in Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic during their own "Convergence Tour 2010".

The musical material that made up the album is a unique fusion of styles most aptly characterized as avantgarde metal. The CD contains 7 pieces whose basis is the idea of information transfer. This work also distinguishes itself among other albums as we used 6 languages in the songs: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Latin and Elvish. The CD booklet consists of 16 pages and is designed in the vein of popular science magazines.


March 13, while on their way to the concert in Khmelnitsky, TERRA IMPRESSIONUM band members got into a car accident. The crash occurred about 8:00 in Nikolayev region at 84 km on the Nikolayev - Ulyanovka highway (R-06). The accident resulted in the drummer and keyboard player's receiving light concussions and cuts. The band were not able to perform in Khmelnitsky, neither TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will take part in the shows in Ilyichovsk (14.03) or Voznesensk (15.03).
P.S. A Nikolayev region Road Patrol Service officer was one of the first persons in Ukraine who was presented with the new album "Transmitting Device".


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Terra Impressionum have published the cover for the new album "Transmitting Device". The band's second work is graphically represented by the radar telescope RT-70, located near Yevpatoria in Crimea. This telescope is part of National Space Facilities Control and Testing Center affiliated with National Space Agency of Ukraine and is one of the world's largest telescopes. The CD booklet has four pages and is designed in the style of sci-fi magazines. The album photos have been contributed by Alexander Pikalov, the design - by Georgiy Stepuk.

Work on the new album was completed on March 6, 2010 - that was the day the master copy of "Transmitting Device" was recorded. Mixing and mastering were done at "The New Day" Studios (Simferopol) by Evgeniy Onishchenko.
The following session musicians also took part in the making of "Trasmitting Device": Oleg Pilipchuk (saxophone), Tatyana Knyazhitskaya (violin), Olga Nikitinskaya (vocals). The drum parts for the album were recorded in May 2008 in "Leopardovaya Balalayka" Studios in Sevastopol. All instruments except violin and saxophone were recorded in Terra Impressionum home studio in September 2008 – December 2009. Vocals and session musicians’ parts were recorded in November 2009 – February 2010 in "The New Day" Studios.
Presently, 150 promo copies of the CD will be issued for distribution during the future concerts and for sending to labels for further official album publication.


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TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will play 13 gigs in support of their new album "Transmitting Device". The first four concerts will take place on March 13th through 16th as part of the Ukrainian tour of the bands Ambivalence (Lvov) and Rainwill (Voronezh). And on March 18th, TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will start their own CONVERGENCE TOUR 2010, mainly to be held in Slovakia and Czech Republic, with a concert in Uzhgorod.
The touring schedule is below:

As part of the Silicone Magic tour 2010:
13.03 — Khmelnitsky (Ukraine);
14.03 — Ilyichevsk (Ukraine);
15.03 — Voznesensk (Ukraine);
16.03 — Sevastopol (Ukraine);

CONVERGENCE tour 2010:
18.03 — Uzhgorod (Ukraine);
19.03 — Secovska Polianka (Slovakia);
20.03 — Banska Bystrica (Slovakia);
21.03 — Zlin (Czech Republic);
23.03 — Prague (Czech Republic);
24.03 — Lisa nad Labem (Czech Republic);
25.03 — Brno (Czech Republic);
26.03 — Vysovice (Czech Republic);
27.03 — Bohuslavice nad Vlari (Czech Republic).

The album "Transmitting Device" is the second effort from TERRA IMPRESSIONUM and includes seven tracks stylistically closest to avantgarde metal. The album tracklist: TRDE1011+498, TRDE1012+420, TRDE1013+429, TRDE1014+156, TRDE1015+501, TRDE1016+423 θ TRDE1017+425. As the musicians report, the idea behind the new album was information relay, the phenomenon of communication: "Creating this cluster of information, we were equally fascinated with both the cellular-level transcription and the incessant flow of impulses from the neutron stars. Sure, the signals that reached us were not always distinct and clear. But we decided not to bury the undeciphered codes and dissonant information streams in the archives and catalogs - they are also present in this work".
Apart from the main members of TERRA IMPRESSIONUM, three session musicians took part in album recording, it is they who contributed the sound of saxophone, violin and back vocals. Another peculiarity of the album is lyrics written in six languages - English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Latin and Elven. The conceptual part of "Transmitting Device" is built so that each language was used to write an independent story broken into parts. In addition, the album tracks consist of several such fragments in different languages.
The booklet for the record, which is to be issued as a promo run of 150 copies, includes four pages designed in the style of sci-fi magazines. The album cover is decorated by RT-70 radar telescope, situated near Evpatoria, Crimea. The record copies will be partly sold during the future concerts and partly sent to labels for further album publication.


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In anticipation of the new album "Transmitting Device", we present the internet-single "Signal One", which includes two songs from the forthcoming album. You can listen to the tracks in the Download section, as well as on the band's MySpace or social network vKontakte.
The group has already completed the work on the album, which will be released as a promotional run of 150 copies.
Download the Single in one file

From March 13 through 16 TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will support their colleagues from Lvov (AMBIVALENCE) and Voronezh (RAINWILL) on their tour of Ukraine, which is known as Silicon Magic tour 2010. In particular, the band will play in Khmelnytsky on March 13, in Ilyichevsk on March 14, in Voznesensk in March 15, in Sevastopol on March 16. This tour will officially present "Transmitting Device" in Ukraine. And on March 18, TERRA IMPRESSIONUM will start their own ten-day tour, which will mainly cover Central Europe, with a concert in Uzhgorod.


The band Terra Impressionum are looking for a sound engineer to execute work on a negotiable basis.
Candidate requirements:
1. Basic field knowledge (experience preferred)
2. Must attend some of the rehearsals (City of Simferopol)
3. Must be able to travel to band concert venues, including outside of Ukraine.
Additional information available by phone:
+38-095-7187331 Alexander
+38-050-7246892 Alexander
+38-095-2222570 Oleg


Due to quarantine announced in the Lvov region and ban on all large-scale public events, the concert previously planned for 14.11.2009 is postponed until further notice (time unknown)


For reasons beyond our control, the Kiev club "The Cheshire Cat" has been closed. Thus, all concerts to be held there including the one we were to participate in, on November 12, have been cancelled. We apologize for inconvenience.


Before releasing their second album "Transmitting Device", Terra Impressionum will tour Kiev and Lvov.
Look for details in the Appearances section


Some photos from the last concert in Rechitsa (Belarus) have been shared in the Appearances section


For those who was not able to listen to the Terra Impressionum interview live on radio Assol, we offer to download a recording of the program.
Here is a direct link


On Friday, September 25, the Assol radio station will broadcast a program called "Znay Nashikh" ("Go Homies", roughly), dedicated to the Crimean band Terra Impressionum. The program will feature songs from the band's first album "TI:tanium", and a presentation of one of the tracks from the new album "Transmitting Device", which is to be issued later this year.
The program starts at 12:00. You can listen to Assol Radio on 104.8 FM or online on

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