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Some photos from the last concert "Metal Stage Pandemonium" (27th Dec 2008, Simferopol) have been shared in the Appearances section


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Next Saturday, Terra Impressionum will perform at the anniversary "Metal Stage Pandemonium", which will take place on December 26-27 in the "Cotton" rock-club in Simferopol. It will be the first time that the band play their new stuff only, which will be included in their second album "Transmitting Device". Besides Terra Impressionum, Decadent (Sevastopol, Ukraine), Divultion (Simferopol, Ukraine), Landscape Of Sadness (Simferopol, Ukraine), Nexus (Simferopol, Ukraine), Kaoz (Simferopol, Ukraine), RNF (Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine), Phantazma (Poltava, Ukraine) will take part in the concert. Entry is 20 UAH, starting at 7 p.m.


We are pleased to inform you that work on the first video "С наступлением темноты" ("At nightfall") has been resumed. Half of the footage was ready within 2 days of shooting in early December. The second phase of shooting will start in 10 days approximately. Storywriting and directing was done by Terra Impressionum members. The lead part is played in the video by the band's PS designer Oleg Grigorenko.
Thanks go to everyone who assisted technically in the making of the video.
The footage shot for the video in the autumn of the last year will also be used in the edit


Paying tribute to the passing autumn of the leap year, Terra Impressionum officially publish the lyrics for their debut album "TI:tanium" in electronic form. The basic stories entwined into the music were written in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Elvish (Quenya). Besides, a translation of the lyrics in Elvish is being published which is not even on the sleeve of the CD issued. You can read the lyrics for "TI:tanium" separate tracks in the Creations section, as well as load all lyrics in one file in the Downloads section


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Thanks to our friends in Sevastopol, some photos from the concert "Seyshen Myasnikov" ("Butchers Session") (1st Feb 2008, Sevastopol) have been shared in the Appearances section


A few photos from the session shot for the music compilation "Chistaya planeta-2" ("Clean Planet-2") have been added in the Flashes section. It is planned that a song from the "TI:tanium" album will be included in the compilation being prepared


A review for the "TI:tanium" album has appeared on "", one of Ukraine's largest metal portals
Read here


Terra Impressionum are continuing work on their new second full-length album with the working title "Transmitting Device". The bass parts and some of the keyboard parts have already been recorded in the band's home studio. The next month will see guitar and vocals recorded. There are plans to include in the new album saxophone, violin and vocals of a professional jazz quartet - work with the session musicians will start in this November or December.
The release will contain 7 tracks of overall length of 50 minutes written in the style chosen by the band - avantgarde metal


The "TI:tanium" album can now be purchased in Kiev. See details in the Merchandise-retail outlets section


Merchandise-retail outlets section update: the album "TI:tanium" can be purchased in Kharkov

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