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We are introducing our first official video called "С наступлением темноты" ("at Nightfall"). This video is a closing theme for our last album "TI:tanium" and we are fully committing ourselves to the new one - "Transmitting Device", due this year.
Happy viewing


Terra Impressionum have applied for participation in the "Fortetsya" festival (Belgorod-Dniestrovsky). We put up two songs for audition by the jury and general vote: "Новый день" ("The new day") and "Згарище, де..." ("Site of fire, where..."). Each of you can give a higher rating to these songs by voting for any of them on the festival site.
Vote deadline is May 15, 2009
We are grateful in advance to all our listeners, friends and fans


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Terra Impressionum will perform in Dnepropetrovsk on 24th of May.
Details are to be found in the Appearances section


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We offer a presentation of our first official video "С наступлением темноты" ("At nightfall"). The video itself will be available for viewing in a few days' time


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Information about our appearance in Kherson has been corrected.
Details are to be found in the Appearances section, as well as on the website for Grigory Borzenko's Producer Center


Terra Impressionum celebrate four years since the band was formed today!
We congratulate ourselves and our fans on this event. Thank you for your being around, for coming to our gigs, for your support and interest in what we do!
We hope to surprise and please you with another helping of avantgarde music in the nearest future.
See you at our shows!


Terra Impressionum and their friends Landscape of Sadness (doom-death metal, Simferopol) will participate in "Hard Rock Party", organized as part of the "Rock-Debut" project, 16th of May in Kherson.
Details are to be found in the Appearances section, as well as on the website for Grigory Borzenko's Producer Center


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On the last day of winter, Terra Impressionum will perform in Sevastopol in support of the joint tour of two representatives of Russian and Ukrainian alternative dark scene - Roman Rain (St. Petersbourg) and Crazy Juliet (Odessa/Kiev). This concert will close the February tour of Roman Rain and Crazy Juliet around Ukraine and Moldova, which started on Feb 13 in Chisinau. Site and time of performance: "Impulse" club (29 Vakulenchuk St.), 19:00


Last weekend, shooting the video for the song "...С наступлением темноты" ("...At nightfall") was completed. The footage is in the editing phase now.
We would like to remind you that "...At nightfall" was voted best at the finals of the "Premiera" rock festival in Kherson in 2006


One of the biggest Ukrainian portals "" has published Terra Impressionum's interview to Renaissance Promotion
Read here

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